Our Philosophy

Mutually beneficial partnership. Each client is a potential long-term partner for us. We are deeply immersed in а project and fully dedicated to it. We are always striving towards a lasting cooperation, because we believe that this is the only way to achieve the most ambitious goals. One-time projects are not on our list of priorities.

Flexibility and openness. We adapt to your needs. We are open to new ideas and experiments. We do not stand still but we develop alongside with you. We build the most convenient and effective communication to achieve our common goals.

Efficiency. We love to achieve high results. Each project is managed by a professional team each member of which has a personal involvement in its success. We don’t have “juniors” or trainees — only experienced professionals who know precisely what to do at any given moment of time.

12+ years
of experience

We know what we’re doing. We know how to get results

Our Goal

Be ambitious and responsible, strive for long-term cooperation, use an innovative and flexible approach to work

The iConText

The iSEO agency is a part of the iConText Group, the largest independent group of digital companies in Russia. The iConText Group tackles its clients’ business tasks at any level of complexity, helps to increase brand awareness, generates online and offline sales; has extensive experience and a high level of competence. The iConText Group ranks first in the largest industry rankings, confirming its expertise year after year.

Our mission is to help our clients.
We are seasoned specialists
and will help you develop your business
Alexander Churilov


Agency History


iSEO was created based on a small SEO department of the iConText performance agency and became part of the iConText Group. From 2004 to 2010, SEO was not a priority in iConText and hardly developed (at least not as rapidly as contextual advertising). But in 2010 everything changed. Alexander Churilov, who had already had some experience in successful managing Internet companies, was put in charge of the iSEO agency.

  • Clients: Apteka.ru, Volvo Trucks, Avito, Home Credit Bank, Beeline, Europlan, UniCredit Bank
  • 5 staff members

In 2013, we were ranked 7th in AdIndex’s Best SEO Companies. The agency continued to develop and grow. We reinforced the team with several experienced managers with a background in web development, as well as SEO specialists with expertise in promoting large and complex sites. The development of internal CRM and our own SEO tools was in full swing. All this helped us start working fruitfully with many new clients in a variety of industries.

  • Clients: Castorama, Cordiant, Kia, Mary Kay, Mexx, Rocla, Royal Canin, Tom Tailor, TotalEnergies, VICHY, Volkswagen, ADAMAS, Ingosstrakh, MegaFon, Papa Johns, Sovcombank
  • 20 staff members

In 2018, based on a survey of 915 experts from 650 companies, we were recognized as the best among all the SEO agencies in Russia in the AdIndex ranking. Our group of companies took first place in the Golden Hundred of Russian Digital ranking and first place in the Ruward ranking of performance agencies. The development vector of iSEO was increasingly shifting towards big business. We worked efficiently with large and complex projects. We liked to deal with challenging tasks and achieve high results.

  • Clients: Audi, Binance, Burger King, Canon, Dr. Oetker, eBay, Haier, Huggies, Johnson&Johnson, Mothercare, Pedigree, Polaris, Reima, Sheba, ŠKODA, The Body Shop, VIVO, Whiskas, Yota, Russian Standard Bank, MGTS, MegaFon TV
  • 28 staff members

The crisis year of 2020 turned out to be tough for the global economy, but very successful for our agency. We revised our workflows and quickly learnt how to work remotely effectively. We changed our approach to hiring new employees and continued to expand the team with seasoned professionals. We won several major tenders and increased our client portfolio with well-known brands. Quantity continued to turn into quality.

  • Clients: Amway, Dr. Pierre Ricaud, KDL, Mercedes-Benz, Gazprom, RBI Group, MTS, PIK
  • 37 staff members

This year has been very difficult for everyone. The blocking of Internet resources in the Russian Federation and the suspension of advertising on Google affected paid traffic. We see that organic traffic is the most sustainable and investment in SEO always pays off, so we are going to work further and bring profit to our clients. The launch of the new iSEO website has marked our readiness for a new round in the history of the company. The team, the processes, the projects, the ideas – everything is ready for iSEO to become a leader in the Internet search marketing in Russia.

  • Clients: Clarins, VTB, Sberbank, RIVE GAUCHE, MTT
  • 45 staff members

Key Clients



Enterprise SEO
Web Analytics
Project Management


iSEO is a resident of Skolkovo.

We are creating an innovative product iSEO Pro – a professional cloud-based SEO automation tool of a new technical level:

  • Website technical audit and error monitoring
  • Keyword research and KPI forecast
  • Monitoring of the competitors and conversions increase

The innovation lies in the deep automation of SEO processes that were previously performed manually by SEO specialists. This provides an opportunity to significantly improve SEO performance and reduce the costs.

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO

We know how to work with big business, including global companies:

  • We localize global SEO projects for international brands.
  • We work with 100+ sites of the same brand. We work with car manufacturers and their dealers. We monitor the development of dealer platforms, the migration of dealers and carry out training sessions for dealers.
  • We monitor the “health” of our clients’ sites. We track technical errors and other indicators that affect indexing and ranking. We know how to prioritize tasks and save invaluable development resources.
  • We monitor the visibility of the sites in the search. We create keyword checklists for reporting to the global team, meanwhile, working with a wide range of queries to maximize traffic to the Russian site.
  • We achieve the required KPIs. We have experience working with a variety of SEO project performance metrics. We know how to build forecasts and achieve planned indicators. We design and produce recommendations and reports in English for global teams.
Web Analytics

Web Analytics

We can work with different systems:

  • Google Data Studio. We use it for online reports and dashboards with operational information. The service allows you to directly collect data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, as well as visualize almost any data from Google Sheets.
  • Google Analytics. This is the most popular system among our Russian and Western clients. It is multifunctional even in its free version. In conjunction with Search Console, it allows you to analyze the structure of organic traffic from Google.
  • Yandex.Metrica. If the project is focused on traffic from Russia, we recommend using two systems: Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics. The search queries leading a user from Yandex search engine to the site are only visible in Yandex.Metrica.
  • Adobe Analytics. The system is quite popular among Western clients. Instead of a set of ready-made reports, it offers a flexible interface where you can assemble the desired report in just a few clicks. However, it does not show search queries from either Yandex or Google.
Project Management

Project Management

We can manage and supervise complex projects with many participants and teams:

  • We know how to manage SEO projects and organize effective interaction of all participants in the process in a variety of systems – ClickUp, Bitrix24, Trello, Asana, Jira, YouTrack, Redmine, Pyrus, etc.
  • We have considerable experience in working with the projects where it is necessary to interact with several brands or divisions with their own teams and requiring successful interaction between them, all within one case. We build fruitful communication with all stakeholders – marketing, brand managers, PR department, developers, etc.
  • Our project managers have a deep understanding of SEO, and do not just forward emails from a client to SEO specialists and back. All communication on the project is conducted by the project manager. They also organise all the work on the project within the agency. SEO specialists can step in as needed to advise on complex technical issues.

Client Training

We provide tailor-made SEO training for corporate clients

  • Client
  • Objective
    To help the ŠKODA dealer network understand the nuances of SEO

We ran webinars for the representatives of the marketing teams of the brand’s dealer network. We talked about how modern search engines work, how they crawl, index and rank sites. We talked about the differences in the algorithms of Yandex and Google.

In the practical part, we examined the issues of technical optimization and indexing settings. We discussed how to properly develop the keyword research. We talked about internal optimization, working with content, external optimization and working with search engine services.

We also recorded useful screencasts on managing the SEO properties of individual pages of the site within the framework of the dealer platform.

Successfully held webinars for several dozen dealers
  • Client
  • Objective
    To inform the Renault dealer network about the SEO potential of the dealer website platform

As part of a three-hour online event for dealers, we held a part dedicated to SEO for dealer sites, where we talked about how search works, how site crawling and indexing can be managed and why it is highly important to do SEO.

We also reviewed the main areas of work on search engine optimization, answered questions about how to properly optimize descriptions and page titles, talked about the basic principles of content optimization and organizing attractive snippets.

In conclusion we talked about which approach to choose when organizing a website backlink profile.

Prepared and conducted a 40-minute presentation
  • Client
  • Objective
    To make the Polaris marketing team familiar with the peculiarities of the search engine promotion

We held a seminar on the general topic “What is SEO?”. During the seminar we covered the topics of what the role of organic traffic is, what SEO values are and how search engines “think”, we also reviewed the main ranking factors.

In addition, we discussed the most common technical errors and problems. We touched upon important issues on developing an optimal approach to implementing SEO in the process of developing a site. We talked about how to work with semantics correctly and what to focus on when optimizing content.

In the final part we discussed what the main KPIs for SEO are and how to apply them correctly in practice.

Conducted a two-hour seminar at the client's office
  • Client
  • Objective
    Hold a training webinar on SEO for brand managers of the company

We prepared an educational presentation focusing on the specifics of promoting YMYL content and prescription drugs. We discussed the issue of how search generally works, machine learning, and what the differences in the algorithms of Yandex and Google are.

We thoroughly reviewed what SEO is and why it is important to work on SEO projects in close cooperation between the agency and the client. We identified the main drivers of organic traffic growth. We discussed the main areas of work and key theses when working with content.

In conclusion we talked about evaluating the effectiveness of SEO and studied an example of an online SEO dashboard.

Ran an online presentation and answered questions from the colleagues
  • Client
  • Objective
    To immerse a team of brand managers in SEO features and primary optimization of website pages

We developed an individual program, structure and timing of training: theory (40 minutes), practice (100 minutes) and workshop (40 minutes) – a practical task for groups of three people.

In the theoretical part of the training, general topics were covered: how search works, the main areas of SEO work, the main differences between ranking algorithms, and the latest trends in SEO. Separately, we discussed SEO features for online stores and mono-brand sites. We told managers how to work with the catalog, information section and content in general.

In the final part of the training, the participants were given practical tasks to consolidate the material.

Conducted a three-hour master class with practical tasks

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