Amway is an international manufacturer of beauty, nutrition, and household products. The company produces high-quality goods using the developments of internal scientific institutions and ingredients from its own organic farms.

  • $8.5 billion total sales in 2020
  • 15,000+ employees worldwide
  • 800+ scientists, engineers, and technicians
  • 700+ active patents
  • 100+ modern laboratories

Amway is a leading direct selling company. There are more than 3 million independent Amway entrepreneurs around the world. In the company, everyone gets a chance to succeed in business – regardless of age, education, financial or social status.
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  • SEO
  • Beauty
  • Copywriting
  • Health

Project Goals

  • Growth of non-branded traffic and retention of high rankings for branded keywords
  • Regular monitoring of the technical “health” of the website
  • Monthly reporting to the global office

and Solutions

Working With Informational Content

Since it is problematic to compete with large online stores and marketplaces for commercial keywords (especially in Yandex), we have chosen to concentrate on informational content within the SEO strategy.

The “Tips & Tricks” section of the website contained articles divided into several categories – Health, Beauty, Home Care and Business. To optimize content for search, we collected an extensive keyword list — more than 8,000 keywords only for the Russian website. We worked both with existing articles and wrote new ones for the most popular keyword clusters.

Amway places high demands on the quality of the content published on the website. That’s why each article went through a chain of checks and approvals – from brand managers to lawyers. This approach slowed down the process of publishing texts, but the quality of the content was high and this helped the articles rank well in the search.

Global Platform Usage and Reporting

One of the features of the project was the use of a global enterprise SEO platform. The system allows Amway to track the positions of its websites in search engines, analyze them to find technical errors, broken links, unnecessary redirects, and many other problems. Using a single SEO platform across all markets allows Amway to measure the success of each market based on the same metrics.

We used same platform to prepare monthly SEO reports for colleagues from the company’s American office. Once a month, we held an online meeting with colleagues from the United States, reported on our achievements, discussed emerging problems and ways to solve them.

Results Achieved

This is one of the projects, which we are especially proud of:

  • Non-branded organic traffic to the Russian site grew by 333% in 2021 compared to 2020.
  • The branded keywords consistently ranked high (>95% of them ranked on the positions 1-10 in search engine results).
  • According to the results of the 4th quarter of 2021, Russia and Kazakhstan received the highest SEO achievement score from the colleagues from the global office. Only 3 other countries out of 25 achieved the same high score.

We are grateful to the colleagues from the marketing, digital, IT teams and Amway brand managers. It is a pleasure to achieve high results with world-class professionals who understand the value of SEO for business!


of non-branded organic sessions to the Russian website

Client Testimonal

On behalf of Amway LLC, we express our gratitude to the iSEO team for the productive work in promoting the sites, and We would like to note the responsiveness, efficiency, and flexibility of the team.

Special thanks to the manager Victoria Bruyakina and the team of SEO specialists working with Amway for the high level of competence and comfortable interaction at all stages.

We wish the iSEO team further development and new interesting projects!

Elizabeth Verzheyskaya
Lead Digital Communication Specialist
LLC “Amway”

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