Avito is the largest website for posting ads about goods, real estate, job vacancies and CVs, as well as services from individuals and companies.

The company was founded in 2007 by Swedish entrepreneurs Jonas Nordlander and Philip Engelbert. Thanks to large investments in advertising, the website’s audience grew rapidly. Over just three years, the monthly audience exceeded 10 million unique visitors, and two more years later, Avito entered the TOP-5 Runet websites in terms of traffic after VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Yandex.

Now Avito is one of the most expensive companies in the Runet, whose value is estimated at more than $6 billion.

Start of work:
Country or region:
  • SEO audit
  • Marketplaces and classifieds

Project Goals

To find a way to improve the indexing of the website in the search engines of Runet

and Solutions

Technical Audit and Indexing Improvement

We worked with Avito when the website was going through a phase of active growth. The company invested heavily in advertising (in icontext, a whole department was engaged in the promotion of Avito!). The number of ads and users on the website quickly increased. At the same time, the number of pages grew rapidly. For the growth rate of organic traffic to keep up with the growth of advertising traffic, the colleagues from Avito turned to us.

Our main task was to analyze the website and offer solutions to improve its indexing. There was a large disproportion between the number of pages indexed by Yandex and Google. The number of ads on the website grew faster than the number of pages in search engine indexes. To fix the situation, we suggested several solutions:

  • to optimize website structure,
  • to eliminate duplicate pages,
  • to fix incorrect server response when requesting non-existent pages,
  • to implement additional linking, etc.

Some of them have been implemented on the website.

Content Optimization and Link Building

We did not only give a piece of technical advice, but also:

  • helped to optimize the page titles and meta tags for different categories and regions, by designing both templates and manual optimization for pages with the highest traffic potential.
  • experimented with placing small texts with keywords on the category pages. But this gave little noticeable effect, so it was decided to abandon this work.

In addition, we increased the citation of some categories of the ad catalog.

Results Achieved

Our main goal was to improve the indexing of the website. Even though only a part of the recommendations we proposed was implemented (mainly related to internal linking and optimization of titles and page descriptions), this was enough to increase the number of pages in search by an order of magnitude:

  • The number of pages indexed by Yandex has grown from 168,000 to 10 million.
  • The number of pages in Google – from 1.9 million to 28.6 million.

We thank the Avito team for the opportunity to work with such a unique project!

15 times

more pages indexed by Google

6 times

more pages indexed by Yandex

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