Beeline is one of the largest telecom operators in Russia and the CIS countries:

  • 49 million subscribers
  • 300 thousand corporate clients
  • 274 billion rubles total revenue
  • 26 thousand employees

Beeline doesn’t provide solely communication services:

  • For individuals, there is home Internet and TV, phones and gadgets, mobile commerce, applications.
  • For business, there is Big Data and AdTech, cloud services, converged solutions, networks and lease of communication channels, information security, Internet of things and much more.

Beeline is a part of the international telecommunications group VEON, which includes 5 brands in 8 countries. 48% of VEON’s revenue comes from Beeline.

Start of work:
Country or region:
  • Copywriting
  • SEO audit
  • Telecom

Project Goals

  • To develop SEO requirements and recommendations for migration to a new version of the website
  • To develop recommendations for optimizing content on the new website
  • To maintain and increase organic traffic and visibility for the main keywords

and Solutions

Project Scale

The main feature of the project is its scale. The brand’s main website contained several thousand pages. In addition to the main website, work was carried out on the websites that were not going to migrate to the new platform. Some of them were hosted on subdomains of the main website, others were allocated to separate domains. In total, 14 resources were in operation at the same time.

During the implementation of the project, we had to interact with many participants both from Beeline and their contractors. To optimize the process, PTS (partial technical specifications) were prepared – a document with recommendations on how to optimize the site, designed for the joint work of all project participants, which significantly reduced the time of approval and facilitated communication on the project.

During the project, we held a seminar for the managers and developers, where we talked about the main SEO requirements for the new website, their impact on website ranking in search and organic traffic, and answered the questions from the colleagues.

Changing Structure and Content

The structure and content of the old and new sites were very different, which complicated the migration, and we had to develop the redirect map manually. One of the main tasks was not to lose the rankings and traffic of the old website. For this, it was important that during migration the entire link mass of the old website was transferred to the new website as completely as possible.

In preparing the pages for the new version of the website, we helped the client’s teams optimize the content for search. We prepared titles and descriptions for all the main pages including regional subdomains.

To evaluate the results and quality of work, KPIs and individual reporting for each website were developed and implemented, based not only on the achievement of predicted results, but also on the amount of work performed.

Results Achieved

When the test version of the website was ready, we started checking how accurately our recommendations were implemented, as well as how correctly the redirect settings worked. After the launch of the main version of the website, it was fully checked, recommendations were made to eliminate all detected errors. The entire project lasted for about a year. The new version of the website was successfully launched without losing organic traffic and positions in the search for main keywords.

Successful migration to the new platform without losing rankings and organic traffic

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