Canon is a world leader in imaging solutions and services. Canon’s innovations are focused on quality lenses and optics, printing devices, advanced photo and video storage and viewing tools. Offering convenient and multi-functional products, the brand blurs the line between professional and non-professional equipment, enabling every customer to enjoy creating bright and unique content.

The official online Canon store offers a full range of products: cameras, printers, camcorders, paper, cartridges, blogging kits, accessories. All hardware products come with a 2-year warranty and can be purchased online for home delivery. There are also exclusive sets available on the site that are not sold by retailers, partners, and retail chains.

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  • SEO
  • Electronics

Project Goals

Organic traffic growth

and Solutions

Competition With the Brand’s Main Site

The online Canon store is located on a separate subdomain. The main problem of the project was the competition between the online store and the brand site in search. For many brand keywords, either the main website or the online store ranked. The solution was to divide the keywords: we came up with a commercial branded keyword list for the online store, and used it to update titles and descriptions on all the catalog and product pages.

More Text Content for Product Pages

Branded traffic, which mostly flowed to the main website, also included low-frequency commercial keywords. To redirect this traffic to the online store we suggested adding more informational content to the product pages by posting detailed product reviews. This strategy allowed us to increase keyword occurrences on pages, as well as to improve the content of the website and provide users with answers to the FAQs about the products.

Commercialization of Product Pages

The main function of an online store is sales. To convert website traffic into orders we developed recommendations on how to improve commercial content on the product pages. The recommendations covered:

  • product images,
  • text descriptions,
  • shipping information,
  • reviews and ratings.

It is almost impossible to make product characteristics authentic, so to make the pages authentic we added real customer reviews and published informational content.

Results Achieved

At the moment, not all of our recommendations have been implemented, but even partial implementation has allowed us to achieve high results: search traffic increased by 70% in 2021 compared to 2020, there is 20% increase in keywords in the Google TOP-10, and 10% increase in keywords in the Yandex TOP-10.

We are sure that following the developed strategy will result in further improvement of the site’s ranking and sales growth. We express our gratitude to the client for choosing our team as a partner in promoting the online store.


increase in visits from organic search over 12 months

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