Castorama is a modern European retail chain which sells goods for home and renovation. It has a fifty-year history, rich traditions, and high standards. Castorama is one of the largest chains of DIY hypermarkets in Russia:

  • 14 hypermarkets with an average area of 10,000 m2
  • 3,000 of employees
  • 30,000 of goods for home, garden, and renovation under one roof
  • 3,000,000 of buyers per month

The first Castorama store opened in Lille (France) in 1969. In Russia, the first store appeared in 2006 in Samara. Today, there are hypermarkets in Moscow and the Moscow region, in the largest cities in the European part of Russia and in the Urals.

In 2020, the Russian company Maxidom bought Castorama hypermarkets in Russia from the British corporation Kingfisher (DIY chain No. 1 in Europe and No. 3 in the world). It started a new stage in the development of the network, with combining the best global and Russian practices.

The mission of Castorama is to enable everyone to create a home of their dreams. That’s why there is always a large selection of goods to suit every taste at low prices in the hypermarkets.

Start of work:
Country or region:
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Furniture and DIY

Project Goals

Growth of organic traffic, as well as:

  • Growth of traffic to the categories and individual product pages
  • Growth of positions in the TOP-10 for key categories of keywords
  • Organization of the process of monitoring and analytics of SEO KPIs

and Solutions

Site Structure and Indexing Problems

The entire product range of the online store was divided into several hundred subcategories. At the same time when we started to work on the project, the filters in the catalog were implemented in such a way that they generated millions of pages out of the intersections of different filters and their values (there was a lot of parameters in URLs). As a result, the normal indexing of the website was almost blocked by search engines. First, we conducted a technical audit and got rid of millions of duplicates and useless pages.

Difficulties With Implementing SEO Recommendations

The other consequence of the extensive directory structure was thousands of pages that needed to be modified. To automate the process of editing and to save the client’s resources, in co-operation with the Castorama’s developers we created an SEO module for CMS, which allowed us to make the necessary adjustments on thousands of pages at once, loading all the necessary parameters from a CSV file in a special format (headers, meta tags, canonical tags, etc.). The SEO module allowed us not only to set template, but also to manage the characteristics of each individual page.

Results Achieved

Over 3 years of SEO campaign, organic traffic has doubled. We also managed to significantly reduce the bounce rate and increase the average session duration. What is more, the income from search traffic increased significantly. To assess the dynamics of the main KPIs, in co-operation with Castorama we developed an individual monthly report format.

Excellent results were achieved largely thanks to the professionalism and responsiveness of the Castorama marketing team. When clients are well versed in SEO and appreciate the results achieved, this not only helps to achieve our goals, but also allows us to really enjoy working together!


increase in visits from organic search over 3 years


decrease in bounces from organic traffic

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