Haier is a home appliance manufacturer with almost 40-year history. The company was founded in China in 1984, over 20 years of stable growth they won the recognition of consumers in the US, Europe, Asia, and in 2007 entered the Russian market.

The first step in the localization of Haier in Russia was the opening of a refrigerator production plant in Naberezhnye Chelny in 2016. Two years later there was a site of a large industrial park construction where they started washing machines assembly lines first and then, a year later, a TV production plant.

Haier has enterprises not only in Russia: the corporation covers more than 160 countries on three continents, where it is engaged in production, training, and research activities.

Start of work:
Country or region:
  • SEO
  • Household appliances

Project Goals

Increase in organic traffic from Yandex and Google search engines, as well as increase in the share of branded keywords in the TOP-10

and Solutions

Zero Optimization

While studying the website before the start of the project, we noticed that it had been almost not optimized. That’s why the site was losing branded traffic: users who searched for Haier products in Yandex and Google did not end up on the official website, but on third-party resources that were better optimized for search engine algorithms.

That’s why one of our tasks was to collect all branded traffic. We started with manual optimization of meta tags on category pages and with meta tags template optimization on product cards. This led to further growth of rankings, and in the first month of SEO campaign already the share of branded keywords in the TOP-10 multiplied by 2.

Complex Site Structure

There was a filter on the website that created a lot of unnecessary pages – most of them ended up in the Yandex and Google index and “cluttered up” the search results.

To determine the necessity of each page, we developed a separate keyword list for filter pages. We optimized each page and opened for indexing only those which could potentially bring organic traffic.

Not Enough Information for Search Engines

There were no branded keywords in the titles of the product pages: for example, the page describing the Haier 744 refrigerator was simply called “Series 744”. Because of this, some of the pages did not rank in the TOP-10. In addition, there were no links to work manuals, which bring about 10% of all branded traffic.

To improve the ranking, we added brand keywords to the titles of product pages and placed internal links with keywords.

Results Achieved

Over the first year, the share of branded keywords in Yandex TOP-10 multiplied by 3. By 2021, we almost got 80% of keywords in Google TOP-10. Search traffic over 3 years of work increased four-fold. And what’s more, traffic quality metrics improved: the bounce rate decreased, the time on the website increased to 4 minutes.

We achieved this progress thanks to the constant interaction with the Haier marketing team. The professionalism of our colleagues, well-coordinated work and prompt feedback formed the basis for fruitful cooperation, which allowed us to solve the client’s business challenges quickly and efficiently.


increase in visits from organic search over 3 years


increase in branded keywords in TOP-10 results

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