KDL is the largest Russian network of clinical diagnostic laboratories. There are branch offices in more than 40 Russian cities. KDL has operated since 2003.

KDL laboratories perform a full range of medical research: from diagnosing allergies and infections to studying hormonal levels and conducting all kinds of check-ups. Thanks to such a wide range of services, well-known medical centers and state medical institutions cooperate with KDL. Individuals can also apply to KDL for tests and examinations on a paid basis or under compulsory medical insurance. You can look up prices and location of the nearest laboratories on the official company’s website.

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  • SEO
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Project Goals

Growth of organic traffic from Yandex and Google search engines

and Solutions

YMYL Niche

Search engines review their medical website policies every year. Until 2020, only Google changed its algorithms, but in 2021, Yandex also adopted the trend. How does this affect the work on a website promotion? The thing is that because of frequent rules changes, we have to constantly monitor the situation and quickly respond to innovations.

As part of the work on any project, we conduct weekly monitoring of indicators: traffic, rankings in the TOP-10, overall visibility. We did it for too, as well as monitored the dynamics on the project regularly, so we managed to successfully adapt to all changes and increase traffic.

Problems With the “Medical Tests” Section

“Medical tests” is the main traffic generating section of the website. At the start of the project, there were no keywords in the page titles, which had a negative impact on ranking and attracting traffic. At the same time, the “Medical tests” section contained more than 1,600 pages, so we introduced template recommendations to speed up the work, which gave an excellent start to the growth of rankings.

In addition, we introduced linking between all pages, and added new texts to the general pages of the section. We also suggested creating a block with reviews on each page, which would increase not only the traffic, but also the number of orders. Unfortunately, the idea has not been implemented.

Problems With Local Optimization

A user who is looking for a testing laboratory pays attention to its location, and proximity to home or work is an important factor. We have developed a keyword list with toponyms in the regions where KDL operates: city, district, subway, street. Local promotion is less competitive since there are no more than 10 centers in one area. To improve rankings for local keywords on the pages of 234 KDL medical centers, we have optimized the page titles and added page descriptions. Main keywords and addresses with the names of cities and streets have been added to the titles.

Results Achieved

Over 12 months, all search traffic has more than doubled, with non-branded traffic increasing by 80%, which is one of the key performance indicators of the work done.

We thank the client for choosing our company as a partner for SEO campaign. We hope that the potential of cooperation we have accumulated will become the basis for future, no less large-scale work.


of visits from organic search over 12 months


of non-branded organic visits over 12 months

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