Kia is a South Korean car brand founded in 1944. It is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers:

  • 75+ years on the market
  • 14 factories in 5 countries
  • 3 million cars produced annually
  • 180 countries where distributors and dealers are present
  • 52,000 employees
  • $50 billion annual turnover of the company

The main advantage of Kia models is an excellent balance of quality and functionality. The brand has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of reliable and practical cars. The company’s design centers bring together leading industry experts. They are located in 3 countries: South Korea, the USA and Germany.

Another distinguishing feature of Kia is a wide range of models. There are more than 15 models in the Russian market: from subcompact and compact to executive class and SUVs. Kia cars have been produced in Russia since 2005. There are official dealers in many cities of the country – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Start of work:
Country or region:
  • SEO
  • Vehicles and spare parts

Project Goals

Growth of organic traffic and rankings for relevant keywords

and Solutions

Troubleshooting Indexing Issues

After the first SEO audit of the site, many technical problems were identified and eliminated: mirrors were closed from indexing, duplicates of the main and internal pages were removed, the website indexing was set up correctly using robots.txt and the implementation of the canonical tag. These changes have significantly improved the position of the website in the search.

Model Pages Optimization

The SEO strategy focused on optimizing the pages of the models that attracted the most traffic. Since the structure of the section was already quite branched, our task was to “squeeze” the maximum out of the existing pages by optimizing headers, meta tags, and spot edits in the content.

Also, we regularly accompanied the launch of new models and update the existing ones (which is something Kia does on a regular basis): transferring content from old models to other URLs, optimizing tags and texts for the new models, setting up redirects from old models to new ones (after deleting discontinued models from the website).

SEO for Used Cars

In parallel with optimization of the main site, we optimized the section with used cars. We did keyword research, which brought us to an idea of a new section structure, providing for the creation of several new page types. We also developed recommendations on templates for these new page types, their content and internal linking.

Platform Update

In 2019, the development of a new platform and a new design for the website began. One of the key features of the new site in terms of SEO was the accumulation of all possible functions and content (new cars, used cars, car catalog in stock, configurator, etc.) on a single domain, rather than dividing them into different subdomains, as many competitors do. This strategy is more effective for SEO:

  • Subdomains do not compete with the main website in organic search.
  • Different sections of the website help promote each other through internal linking.
  • All pages hosted on the same domain take advantage of the high host factors of the main domain.
  • New pages quickly begin to rank well and attract traffic.

To speed up the process and save development resources, the website was updated section by section. At the same time, some sections were already new, while others were with the old design and content.

Working With Dealers

Kia has more than 200 official dealers throughout Russia. In 2021, all dealer websites were moving to a new single platform.

Since many dealers moved websites to new domains (the domain had to start with “kia”), there was a risk of a noticeable drop of the positions in search results after the move. We selected a part of dealers on a quarterly basis and prepared individual recommendations for each website in the following areas:

  • Headings and texts for pages
  • Technical audit and indexing setup
  • Redirects mapping
  • Commercial factors and linking
  • External optimization

The task was to restore the visibility of dealer websites in search engines, as moving is a painful step for any domain.

Results Achieved

Working with leaders is not easy, but it is always very interesting. Such projects allow us to grow and develop ourselves as professionals. We are proud to have experience with companies like Kia. We are also proud of the results:

  • Kia is the leader in organic traffic among all websites of foreign car manufacturers (according to SimilarWeb) in Russia.
  • Over 5 years, we managed to almost double the amount of traffic from organic search.
  • The Kia website is one of the most functional among competitors. Everything you need is on one website, in a single design.


of visits from organic traffic over 5 years of work


by organic traffic among foreign car brands in Russia

Client Testimonal

LLC “Kia Russia and the CIS” expresses its gratitude to the company iSEO for the work on promoting the site and sites of regional dealers.

We were able to achieve high results in the field of search promotion. Thank you for the responsiveness and initiative of the team, readiness to meet our proposals and attention to detail.

We express our gratitude for the excellent work and recommend iSEO as a responsible and reliable partner in the field of search engine promotion.

Dmitry Dankovsky
Marketing director
Kia Russia and CIS LLC

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