The MegaFon online store is a trading platform for one of the largest mobile operators in Russia. On the website, you can not only purchase MegaFon’s communication services or look through the tariffs, but also buy the devices to use these services. There are more than 1,500 products of famous world brands in the catalog including smartphones, tablets, modems, laptops.

In the online store you can have a look at the products in detail and purchase them with home delivery or pickup. The MegaFon store delivers throughout the whole country. There are more than 1,000 offices in 86 regions of Russia in its retail network.

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  • SEO
  • Electronics

Project Goals

Growth in organic traffic, growth in the number of sales and income of the online store

and Solutions

Lack of Pages for High-Margin Keywords

The main KPI of the project was income from devices’ sales. To achieve this KPI, it is not enough just to increase traffic: you need to attract such users who are ready to make a purchase. To do this, the website pages must contain high-converting keywords (including the words “buy”, “order”, “price” and others). That’s why we collected a large keyword list and identified mid-frequency and low-frequency groups of keywords with high conversion rate. We not only created new pages, but also worked on the current high-margin categories – phone accessories, headphones, etc. The client implemented our recommendations systematically, which resulted in a 26% increase in revenue over 12 months.

Abandoned Cart Problem

We analyzed the purchase funnel and found out that some users added products to the cart, but didn’t complete the order. To specify the reason, we conducted a competitive analysis: we studied the functions of baskets and ordering mechanisms on the websites of the other successful telecom companies and large stores in other market areas. We also found some technical flaws, for example, if the fields required for the order were not filled in completely, the user did not receive an error message. Based on these data, we formed the recommendations on how to improve the “Buy” button and the functionality of the basket.

Low Traffic from Regions

According to the Yandex Wordstat service, more than 40% of demand comes from the regions of Russia. The website of the online store is made with the use of subdomains, each of which corresponds to its region. All subdomains ranked differently: some better, others worse. We conducted a traffic study on all subdomains, found low metrics on half of the regional sites, and developed recommendations for troubleshooting.

Complexity of Implementation

We understand how large companies work, and we know that in large-scale projects, the implementation of SEO recommendations is not always a top priority. That’s why, to help the client prioritize and implement the most important changes for the business, we made traffic and revenue forecast for each recommendation. The client considered only a part of our suggestions, but this was enough to get good results.

Failure on the Yandex Side

At the beginning of 2021, Yandex reset the Site Quality Index (SQI) score, an index that correlated with ranking in search results. Yandex did not disclose the reason of the reset, but we determined that the SQI was also reset to zero on the subdomains of other online stores, for example, the MTS online store. Because of this, most of the keywords no longer appeared in the TOP-10, and as a result, traffic noticeably decreased. We contacted Yandex technical support and highlighted the problem. After 5 days the SQI metric and rankings were restored. We assumed that the reset was related to testing a new algorithm for calculating this index, and our timely feedback helped our colleagues from Yandex to improve it.

Results Achieved

Total search traffic increased by 35%. The key indicator (revenue growth) showed 174% increase.

Also, we are proud to add one more thing to the list of our achievements – the creation of new pages of the website, which accounted for 26% of the total income.

We express our gratitude to the client for choosing our team and look forward to long-term cooperation in the future.


increase in visits from organic search over 4 years


increase in revenue from organic traffic over 4 years

Client Testimonal

PJSC Megafon expresses its gratitude to iSEO for prompt, high-quality work, professionalism in solving the tasks of search engine optimization and promotion.

iSEO has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner, we look forward to further friendly and fruitful cooperation.

We wish you further success in development and consistently high performance.

Dmitry Kirin
Head of digital channels
PJSC MegaFon

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