The MTS online store is a trading platform for the largest mobile communications provider.

The website offers MTS devices and tariffs, as well as equipment and electronics from other manufacturers. The target audience is quite wide.

The online store operates in 800 cities of Russia, and the geography of its presence constantly expands. Goods can be ordered with delivery or picked up in an offline store: the MTS retail network has more than 600 stores throughout the country.

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  • SEO
  • Electronics

Project Goals

Growth in organic traffic, as well as an increase in the rankings of priority categories in search

and Solutions


When the project started, the MTS online store was being redesigned. The client asked us to join the process, and we prepared recommendations for the new version of the website based on specially developed guidelines.

Errors in Indexing and Lack of Necessary Information for Robots

We began with a large-scale technical audit, during which we checked the site for 50+ parameters. As a result, we found many errors that had held the site back from ranking in the TOP-10. The main issues were multiple duplicate pages and displaying content in product cards via JavaScript. When developing a new version of the website, we managed to avoid more than 50% of the errors that were present in the old version.

Refinement of Page Layouts

In April 2020, the client rendered the layouts for product listings and product pages. We analyzed these layouts and identified several problems: there were no pagination links on the product listings, also prices, images and SEO texts were not indexed. The product pages lacked important parameters for buyers: brief characteristics of the goods and information about the guarantee. We also found some errors in mobile layout. The page layouts were finalized, and the client implemented 80% of our recommendations when updating the website design.

Migration Control

At the end of 2020, all pages of the website were redesigned. We controlled the process of redesigning and carefully monitored SEO metrics so as not to lose current traffic.

Results Achieved

The redesign of the website went well. Over the first 6 months, organic traffic increased by 73%. At the same time, the share of non-branded traffic increased by 60%. The share of keywords in the TOP-10 for the “iPhone” category was 70% in Yandex and 80% in Google.

We managed to achieve high results thanks to constant interaction with the MTS SEO specialist. The basis for productive cooperation was the competent distribution of tasks, understanding of areas of responsibility and high professionalism of all the project participants.


increase in visits from organic search over the first 6 months


increase in the share of non-branded traffic


increase in the share of keywords in the TOP-10 for the “iPhone” category

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