Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a French brand of cat and dog food. The company was founded by French veterinarian Jean Katari in 1968. It is part of the Mars corporation.

  • 50+ years of expertise in creating healthy foods
  • 12 factories around the world
  • 350+ products in the catalog
  • 100% quality control of raw materials

Royal Canin’s food production is based on scientific research. The company’s first research center opened in 1973. With the support of scientists, the company published encyclopedias of dog and cat breeds that were translated into fifteen languages.

In 2004, the Royal Canin factory was opened in Dmitrov, near Moscow.

Start of work:
Country or region:
  • SEO
  • Pet supplies

Project Goals

  • Ranking growth for non-branded keywords
  • Organic traffic growth
  • Support for the launch and promotion of content sections of the website

and Solutions

Articles About the Pet’s Feeding and Care

The articles for the site were written by another agency under the brand specialists’ supervision. Our task was to find topics with high traffic potential, select search keywords and prepare SEO requirements for the articles. We managed to establish an effective content management process with the colleagues from Royal Canin and the creative agency. During the project, several hundred articles were successfully prepared.

Catalog of Cat and Dog Breeds

Another big section of the website with high traffic potential was a catalog of cat and dog breeds. Users could filter breeds by various parameters: fur length, size, etc. We also made breed selections for popular keywords: hunting dogs, guard dogs, apartment dogs, etc. Each page about breed contained its description and history, photos, information about required care, feeding tips and recommended products of the brand. The page was not just an article: it contained many blocks, including interactive ones, which made it possible to keep the user’s attention.

Questions and Answers

It is a section with an expert content – veterinarians’ answers to popular questions about cats and dogs. We didn’t pin our hopes on this section at first, as the answers were relatively short and we couldn’t edit them since it was copyrighted content. But thanks to the optimization of the section structure, page titles and linking, it began to rank well (especially in Google, as the requirements for YMYL content were getting higher) and attracted tens of thousands of users monthly.

“Best of Pets” Classifieds

It is a free bulletin board with kittens and puppies for sale. In fact, it was a separate website within the brand web resource with its own design, structure, and content. Breeders could register and post information about their pets. Users could select pets by city, breed and many other parameters. Our task was to optimize templates, page titles and descriptions.

Internal Linking

The website had many different sections and a lot of content. We paid special attention to linking these sections and pages to each other. For example, each breed page contained links to relevant product pages, relevant articles and appropriate answers in the FAQ section, and a block with photos of kittens or puppies of this breed from the “Best of Pets” website. We optimized both the number and HTML markup of links. Such intensive linking had a positive effect on both ranking and behavioral metrics.

Results Achieved

Without a doubt, this is one of the projects we are most proud of:

  • More than 15,000,000 visits from organic search for non-brand keywords
  • Over 650,000 non-branded visits per month
  • More than 1,500 keywords in the TOP-10 results

These results were achieved thanks to well-coordinated work of the iSEO team, Royal Canin marketing, the creative agency, and the website development contractor.

Thanks to the Royal Canin team for this invaluable experience!

15 million

of visits for non-branded keywords for the entire time of work


of non-branded organic visits per month

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