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The text is still an important factor both in determining a relevance of the website to targeted keywords by search engines, and in making a purchasing decision for potential customers. That’s why copywriting is a job that almost none of our projects can do without. But our capabilities are not limited to search-oriented texts. We can prepare texts for:

  • Descriptions of products and categories for your website or marketplaces.
  • Articles, blog or other information section on a commercial website.
  • FAQ or Help section for your customers so that you can save on support costs.
  • Content projects, including “evergreen” content for the media (independent of event-related demand).
  • Any other tasks where high-quality texts are needed.

3 editors on staff

60 authors

3 million characters of content created every month

When Is This Service

The Website Has an Article Section

We can attract additional traffic to commercial websites where it is unrealistic to compete with aggregators, for example, for mono-branded websites.

Your Writers Don’t Understand SEO

You have your own team of authors, but they do not know how to optimize texts for search. We can both take on the part of preparing the content and help with the preparation of technical requirements for texts for your authors.

You Are Promoting an Online Store

We will help you prepare unique content for category pages, product descriptions, reviews and any information sections of your website.

You Need Content for Third-Party Websites

We can create content not only for the pages of your website, but also for any external sites – social networks, Yandex Zen, internal company documents, etc.

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Stages of Work

Content Plan
Technical Specs

Requirements and Restrictions Collection

Before we start developing content, it is important for us to find out the answers to several questions:

  • How do we properly use the client’s brand?
  • Which tone of voice should be applied in communication?
  • What are the best words to use and the words not to use at all?
  • What advantages of the brand and its products or services should be emphasized?

All this will help our authors to prepare the highest quality texts.

Development of a Guideline for Authors

We analyze and structure all the information gathered at the previous stage and put it into one document – a guideline for copywriters, which will serve as the main guide for preparing any content for your project.

Also, the guideline will be used by our editors and the project manager for internal content review – for evaluating the quality of texts received from our authors before sending them for approval to the client.

Content Plan Development

A content plan is a document, usually containing the following information for each text:

  • The month in which we are going to write this text.
  • The subject for the text. Usually serves as the main header (if needed).
  • Synopsis or basic structure of the text. What questions do we want to answer?
  • Traffic potential or a total frequency of a cluster of keywords (if we are talking about search-oriented texts).
  • Examples of similar texts on other websites.

The content plan is prepared several months in advance (a quarter, half a year) and approved of by the a client before starting copywriting actual content.

Development of Technical Specifications for Texts

If the goal of a content piece is to attract organic search traffic, an SEO specialist is involved in the process. For each text this specialist:

  • Selects or actualizes keywords.
  • Analyzes the current search results for targeted keywords.
  • Analyzes the structure, volume and density of keywords in texts that are currently ranking best.
  • Based on the data obtained and the guidelines for the authors, they prepare a technical specification (TS) for a text. A TS specifies the required amount of text, its structure, what keywords to use and what number of them would be appropriate, etc.

Our authors prepare texts that best meet both the requirements of the guideline and the TS from the SEO specialist.

Selection of Authors

Our authors have different specializations. We have extensive experience working with texts on a variety of topics – from banking services for Russian banks to articles on symptoms and diseases for international pharmaceutical corporations. When the project work begins, we first prepare one or more test texts to select one or a team of authors (depending on the scale of the project), who will later be assigned to the project and will prepare all the necessary content, providing a stable high level of text quality.

Preparation of Texts According to the Content Plan

This is the main stage of work, which can be divided into the following iterations:

  • Copywriting according to the approved content plan.
  • Internal check of texts for compliance with the guideline and TS.
  • Approval of texts by the client’s team and revision (if necessary).
  • Posting content on the site.
  • Checking content on the site.

Before the end of the work on the current content plan, preparation of a new one begins so that the content preparation process does not stand idle waiting for an approval of new topics or pages.

Why iSEO?

In 2018, we became the best SEO agency in Russia
according to the authoritative AdIndex rating

Why iSEO?

In 2018, we became the best SEO agency in Russia
according to the authoritative AdIndex rating


Resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center

We are developing the iSEO Pro SaaS platform. We use big data and machine learning to automate SEO tasks


45 professionals
1,500+ projects

Come hell or high water, we guarantee first class service.


We take first places in the most authoritative ratings

In 2018, we became the best SEO agency in Russia according to AdIndex. In 2020, this achievement was confirmed.

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