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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process aimed at improving positions of a site in organic search and attracting additional traffic from search.

Why is SEO good for business? SEO helps your business to keep existing and attract new customers from organic search, which is the main traffic channel for almost all types of websites.

SEO helps to retain existing organic traffic and positions in search. This is important because:

  • Changes on a website and new search engine algorithms can lead to a loss of existing organic traffic.
  • Implementing new features or creating new content without SEO considerations can result in a loss of potential traffic.
  • The larger the site and the more search traffic it receives, the higher the cost of an error.

SEO helps to improve rankings of a website in search and attract additional traffic. Due to:

  • Elimination of errors that prevent a website from being indexed and ranked normally by search engines.
  • Optimization of existing pages or their parts (titles, texts, navigation, page addresses, HTML code, etc.)
  • Creation of new pages and content to attract additional organic traffic.

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Target Websites
and Services

Brand Website

Your website contains a description of your company’s products, but no online store functionality. You want to support branded traffic and attract new non-brand traffic.

B2B or B2C Services Website

Your website contains a description of the services your company provides. You need to improve positions in search and increase organic traffic.

E-commerce Website

Your goal is to increase sales in your online store. You have the resources to implement SEO recommendations. But there are no in-house SEO specialists.

Content Project

Commercial demand for your products or services is limited. You use informational content to drive additional traffic to your website.

Media Website

You have your own team of authors. But you need help with improving website indexing and selecting topics with high organic traffic potential.

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SEO Audit

Introduction to the Project and Briefing

This is the preparatory stage, without which it is impossible to develop an effective SEO strategy. We need to get answers to several basic questions from you:

  • What goals and objectives do you set for an SEO agency?
  • What areas of business (services or product categories) are your priorities?
  • What are the main KPIs for you and what tools do you use to track them?
  • What are the possibilities and restrictions on making changes to your website?
  • Who do you consider your main competitors?

We will also ask you about your previous SEO experience (if any): what were the main difficulties, why you didn’t achieve the desired results, and what didn’t suit you in the approach of the previous contractor.

Website Analysis and Our Offer

Before we take on a project, we need an SEO strategy. To draw up a strategy, we carry out:

  • Website pre-audit. What types of pages are there and how many are there? What are the main problems now preventing the website from being indexed and ranked?
  • Preliminary keyword research. What is the demand potential for different categories or types of pages?
  • Analysis of current organic traffic and website rankings. What is the structure of current organic traffic? What keywords are driving traffic to the website?
  • Competitor analysis. Why and how are they progressing in organic search? What solutions are worth borrowing?

At the same time, we take into account many factors: a type and age of a website, a geography and characteristics of a potential audience, specifics of the subject, a structure of a website, a quantity and quality of a website content, a previous history of search engine optimization oa a website.

As a result, you get: a formulated SEO strategy, a work plan for the next 12 months, SEO project budget and a forecast of expected results.

Website Search Engine Optimization Audit

In the first month of work, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the site. The audit is carried out on 45+ points, which are divided into 2 areas:

  • Website indexing. We need to ensure fast, complete and error-free indexing of a website by search engines.
  • Links and content. We identify and fix problems that can negatively affect text relevance and link ranking.

Why do we start SEO with an audit?

  • Technical problems can negate all other SEO efforts. If a page is not indexed, then it doesn’t matter what great content is on it. Until a page gets into the search index, it will not bring traffic.
  • Correcting technical errors may require some resources of a development team. The sooner we understand what resources are needed, the easier it will be to allocate them and the faster we will fix all critical errors.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation for most other SEO tasks. The result of keyword research is a structured list of keywords distributed across relevant pages of a website. We use this list to track a website’s search rankings, optimize content and internal links, optimize search snippets, link building, and more.

Depending on a type and size of a website, this work is either carried out in the first months after a start of a project, or can be regular:

  • If a website has a large catalog of products, we work through one category after another. We move from the most priority to the least priority. We take into account the seasonality of search demand.
  • In a case of informational or media websites, a development of a keyword list is carried out regularly (for example, once a quarter). We select keywords and, based on them, prepare a content plan for several months in advance. We can work with both “evergreen” topics (for which there is always a demand), and with seasonal or event-related keywords.

A final list may include thousands of keywords. For regular monitoring of website positions, a so-called “control list” can be assembled: a shortened list covering all main categories, sections of a website and page types.

Implementation of the SEO Strategy According to the Work Plan

At this stage, we carry out all our planned work in accordance with our SEO strategy. As a rule, a plan includes the following tasks:

  • Recommendations for creating new sections or pages based on keyword research.
  • Recommendations for optimizing titles and meta tags of pages.
  • Preparation of technical specifications for writing content.
  • Copywriting for new pages and optimization of existing texts.
  • Working with commercial and behavioral factors, etc.

When implementing our recommendations, we advise your developers:

  • We explain an importance and priority of certain problems. We can predict an effect of fixing a particular error if a fix requires significant resources.
  • We offer alternative solutions if there are problems with implemetning SEO recommendations. We show the advantages and disadvantages of different methods for eliminating existing problems.

Reporting and Adjustment of SEO Strategy

For reporting, we use two types of tools as data sources:

  • Systems for monitoring the rankings of websites in search results.
  • Web analytics systems (Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, etc.)

Data on positions and traffic can be presented in different sections: by search engines, by site sections, etc. The SEO report format is developed jointly with the client.

By default, we prepare monthly reports. If necessary, we can provide other details: weekly summaries, quarterly reports, etc.

Based on the results achieved, we can adjust our SEO strategy and work plan. In the course of work, it may turn out that some of the directions of a strategy bring better results than others. Then we can reallocate our resources to make the most efficient use of them. For example, reduce time for less effective tasks or abandon them altogether and use the freed hours for those tasks that bring more effect for this particular project.



Entry level plan for small websites or non-competitive niches

  • Up to 500 keywords
  • No UX audit included
  • No SERM services included
  • From 75 000 ₽ per month


Optimal choice for small and medium businesses

  • Up to 1,000 keywords
  • Basic UX audit included
  • Basic SERM services included
  • From 150 000 ₽ per month


A plan for large websites or competitive niches

  • More than 1,000 keywords
  • Advanced UX audit included
  • Advanced SERM services included
  • From 250 000 ₽ per month



Amway is a global manufacturer of beauty, health, and household products. We increased non-branded traffic to the Russian website by 333%.

Кейс проекта

Sanofi is an international pharmaceutical corporation of French origin. We have achieved a steady increase in organic traffic for all promoted websites.

Кейс проекта

Over 3 years of work, organic traffic has doubled. In addition, we managed to significantly reduce the bounce rate and increase the average session duration.

Кейс проекта

Leader in organic traffic among all websites of foreign car brands in Russia. Over 5 years of work, we managed to almost double the amount of traffic from organic search.

Кейс проекта

Mothercare is an online store of goods for babies and children and expecting parents. Over 3 years of SEO campaign, we have had the number of visits from organic search for non-branded keywords increased 21 times.

Кейс проекта

Car manufacturer with 127 years of history. We increased organic traffic to the importer’s website by 71% over 3 years. Also worked with the dealer platform.

Кейс проекта is an online service for searching for and ordering pharmacy products. In 11 months, search traffic has increased five-fold. The number of transactions increased to 20,000 per month, which is 2 times greater than the initial forecast.

Кейс проекта

Haier is a manufacturer of household appliances with almost 40-year history. Traffic from organic search increased by 400%. The share of branded keywords in the TOP-10 increased by 50%.

Кейс проекта

Why iSEO?

We are three-time winners in Russia's
most prestigious AdIndex ranking

Why iSEO?

We are three-time winners in Russia's
most prestigious AdIndex ranking


Skolkovo Innovation Centre resident

We are developing a SaaS platform called iSEO Pro. This platform uses big data and machine learning to automate SEO tasks.


55 professionals
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In 2018, we became the best SEO agency in Russia according to AdIndex.
This achievement was confirmed in 2020, 2022 and 2023.

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