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It is no secret that many Internet users study reviews of companies and their products before making a purchase or ordering a service online. A company’s rating can affect not only business indicators (conversion, sales, average purchase amount, etc.), but also its ranking in search. The main source of information about reviews is search engines and their services, as well as review websites, which receive a lot of traffic from organic search. Reviews are important feedback, but they are not always objective. In addition, people are more likely to leave reviews when they have a negative experience with brands and products than when they have a positive one.

To help our clients manage their reputation in search engines, we offer the following SERM services:

  • Analysis of the current reputation of the company and its products on all popular websites.
  • Publication of positive and neutral reviews and increasing the rating in geo-services (Google Maps, Yandex Maps, 2GIS).
  • Publication of reviews and increase in rating on federal and local review websites.

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When Is This Service

You Need to Increase Traffic Conversion

According to a Yandex research, 32% of online store users read product reviews and 9% of customers read store reviews before making a purchase.

You Need to Increase Organic Income

A Harvard Business School research has found that every one-star increase in a restaurant’s Yelp rating equates to a 5% to 9% increase in revenue.

You Need to Raise Average Purchase Amount

According to a research by the University of Technology Sydney, buyers are willing to pay more for products offered by reputable companies.

You Need to Increase Organic CTR

When the search results for a company or a product are shown on Yandex or Google, they can also display their rating and reviews. Low rating and negative reviews reduce CTR and organic traffic.

You Need to Improve Search Rankings

Yandex considers the organization’s reputation when ranking a website. If dishonesty is suspected, the website may lose visitors from the search.

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Stages of Work


Introduction to the Project and Briefing

This is a preparatory stage, which is essential in development of an effective strategy for working with online reputation. We need answers to several questions:

  • What goals and KPIs do you set for the agency?
  • What review websites are you most interested in?
  • In which regions is your company represented and which are the most priority?
  • Why do you think people leave negative reviews?

Current Reputation Analysis

To analyze the current situation, we gather information from all platforms and review websites where the brand, its products and services are mentioned. For each website, we gather the following data:

  • current rating
  • the total number of reviews
  • the number of negative reviews

Based on the data received, we calculate how many reviews can be published monthly on a review website to prevent blocking the brand’s account. Next, we figure out the number of required reviews and the number of days to achieve the desired result.

SERM Strategy Development

We develop an individual strategy for each project. A strategy depends on the company’s objectives. Let’s look at some examples.

Objective #1: to increase the average rating. The solution is divided into 3 stages:

  • Publication of reviews on websites with the least number of reviews.
  • Publication of reviews on websites with an average number of reviews.
  • Publication of reviews on websites with the largest number of reviews (performed in parallel with stages 1 and 2).

This strategy allows us to significantly increase the average rating in a short time.

Objective #2: to improve the negative image of the brand on website. This website is one of the most difficult ones, as moderation can take quite a long time. But we have found an effective solution that allows us to quickly pass moderation and systematically increase the number of positive reviews.

Creating a Guideline

For reviews to be as natural as possible and fully relevant to a real experience of using the company’s products and services, we are compiling a guideline for reviewers.

When compiling the guideline, we use the following data:

  • brand requirements and problems identified by the client
  • what the customers are dissatisfied with
  • reviews from offline stores or offices, if any

Writing Reviews

Basic principles:

  • We follow trends. We do not write reviews for a month ahead at once, rather we daily compile new texts that correspond to the current economic situation.
  • We attract many authors at once (20 or more). This allows us to develop authentic texts that are different from each other.
  • We use both positive (70%) and neutral reviews (30%). This makes reviews look more natural.

Publication of Reviews

For uninterrupted publication, we develop a content plan that takes into account the current rating and the number of reviews on a review website, as well as the target rating. This allows us to increase the number of reviews smoothly and safely.
We post reviews only from the IP addresses of the region corresponding to the target company. For example, a review for a store in Samara is published from an account with the Samara IP address.
If a review was posted, but within 1–5 days (depending on the tariff) was deleted by a moderator, then we will replace it with another review.

Tariff Plans


  • 5 review websites
  • Up to 40 reviews per month
  • 4.0 average rating
  • 1 day warranty after moderation
  • From 60 000 ₽ per month


  • From 5 review websites
  • From 40 reviews per month
  • 4.5 average rating
  • 5 days warranty after moderation
  • From 80 000 ₽ per month

Why iSEO?

In 2018, we became the best SEO agency in Russia
according to the authoritative AdIndex rating

Why iSEO?

In 2018, we became the best SEO agency in Russia
according to the authoritative AdIndex rating


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We are developing the iSEO Pro SaaS platform. We use big data and machine learning to automate SEO tasks


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We take first places in the most authoritative ratings

In 2018, we became the best SEO agency in Russia according to AdIndex. In 2020, this achievement was confirmed.

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