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Search engine optimization audit of a website is a one-time set of works aimed at increasing the position of the website in organic search and attracting targeted traffic. This is a study of the website for compliance with the current requirements of search engines and a search for errors that slow down traffic growth and reduce conversion.

To conduct the highest quality audit, we need:

  • Access to the web analytics systems to analyze the current traffic
  • Access to the data from Yandex Webmaster and Google Search Console services
  • Information about the history of the site promotion
  • Current keywords list (if any)

As a result of a SEO audit, you will receive:

  • An effective SEO strategy and traffic potential forecast
  • Recommendations on how to eliminate errors that negatively affect the growth of search positions and organic traffic

A scope of work included in an audit depends on the client’s goals, the current state of the website, its complexity and volume. The cost of an SEO audit is estimated based on the cost of an hour of work and amount of time our specialists need to prepare the audit.

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When Developing a New Website

The best time to start thinking about SEO is when you don’t have a website yet. The later you turn to SEO specialists, the more resources you will spend on improvements

After Developing of a New Website

Was your website built without SEO in mind? Order an SEO audit to assess the scope of the necessary improvements and the potential of organic traffic

You Need Independent Expertise

Already promoting a website, but unhappy with the results? Not sure about your current contractor? We will help identify weaknesses and offer new growth points

Your Website Is Losing Rankings and Traffic From Search

Are you seeing a drop in KPIs, but can’t figure out the reasons? We will help you find the main problems and give recommendations on how to fix them

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Commercial Factors
Behavioral Factors

Keyword Research

If a keywords list has already been prepared, we analyze how relevant the keywords are and the corresponding content is. What is their traffic potential? What areas or categories require improvement? Are there additional growth points?

If the keywords are not collected yet:

  • You set priorities and limits for the project
  • We analyze the content of your website and its current positions in the search
  • We collect marker search terms and primary list of keywords
  • Then we cluster the keywords and distribute the clusters across landing pages
  • We analyze the current position of the website and determine its traffic potential
  • We prepare recommendations for optimizing the structure of the site and for creating new pages

Competitors Analysis

Competitive analysis may include:

  • Search for competitors. Which sites rank best for your target keywords?
  • Analysis of numerical metrics in comparison with competitors (search visibility, search traffic volume, behavioral metrics, number of indexed pages, level of citation, etc.)
  • Search for successful solutions on competitors’ websites – analysis of websites (functionality, page templates, content, etc.) and identification of solutions that are worth borrowing
  • Website structure audit. Which pages and page types are driving competitors the most traffic?

Content Analysis

A study of the quantity and quality of the text content on a website:

  • The content for commercial keywords. The texts on product listing pages or service description pages
  • The content for informational keywords. The articles section or a blog. The FAQ page
  • Analysis of the authenticity and quality of the content
  • Comparison of the quantity and quality of the content with the competitors’ ones

Commercial Factors Audit

Commercial factors are the features and functions of a website, which show the search engine the likelihood of the website’s capability to satisfy the user’s needs:

  • Availability of the contact information and its completeness
  • Information about delivery, payment, returns and guarantees
  • Information about the company
  • Availability of promotions or special offers
  • Catalog functionality, product pages, shopping cart, etc.

Behavioral Factors Audit

Search engines use various metrics and algorithms to evaluate user experience and how well a website solves a user’s problem. As a result, usability problems can not only reduce conversions, but also negatively affect organic traffic.

Goals of a behavioral audit:

  • To analyze current behavior and conversion of website visitors from organic search
  • To offer recommendations for improving behavioral metrics and increasing conversions

Link Profile Analysis

Link profile analysis helps to estimate the quality of incoming links, as well as to find and fix links to non-existent pages. Such analysis may include:

  • Analysis of the number of donor domains and referring pages
  • Comparison of citation with competitors
  • Analysis of “dofollow” and “nofollow” links
  • Analysis of donor sites and acceptor pages
  • Checking the anchor list for spam
  • Search for external links to non-existent URLs and recommendations for setting up redirects



Entry-level plan that contains all the necessary basic work

  • Technical audit and mobile optimization check
  • Website analysis for filters and sanctions
  • Semantic markup and internal links analysis
  • Analysis of the current list of keywords
  • From 75 000 ₽


Optimal tariff plan, including competitor analysis and additional audits

  • Audit of commercial and behavioral ranking factors
  • Competitor analysis
  • Regional optimization audit
  • Backlinks audit
  • From 150 000 ₽


Maximum plan including detailed text audit

  • Keyword research and recommendations on website structure
  • Meta tags optimization
  • Text content analysis
  • SEO strategy and work plan for 12 months
  • From 250 000 ₽



We helped develop and successfully launch a new version of the Beeline website without losing organic traffic and rankings in organic search for main keywords.

Кейс проекта

This is the largest website for placing ads about goods and services. We solved some problems with incorrect indexing of pages in Yandex and Google search engines.

Кейс проекта

Russian sports media. 90% more visits to evergreen (non-news) content over 4 months. The traffic forecast was exceeded by 4.5 times.

Кейс проекта

Why iSEO?

We are three-time winners in Russia's
most prestigious AdIndex ranking

Why iSEO?

We are three-time winners in Russia's
most prestigious AdIndex ranking


Skolkovo Innovation Centre resident

We are developing a SaaS platform called iSEO Pro. This platform uses big data and machine learning to automate SEO tasks.


55 professionals
1,600+ projects

Come hell or high water, we guarantee first class service.



In 2018, we became the best SEO agency in Russia according to AdIndex.
This achievement was confirmed in 2020, 2022 and 2023.

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