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At iSEO, we have assembled a team of expert practitioners and are ready to share their knowledge to help you achieve great results from UX and avoid common mistakes. Even if you are already working with a UX agency or have an inhouse team, we can offer our expert opinion on your project, identify weaknesses, and find new growth points.

UX audit helps:

  • Identify the difficulties of user interaction with the interface, as well as the reasons why visitors leave the website (bounces) and do not perform targeted actions (ordering a product or service, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.)
  • Generate a list of clear recommendations for websites, services, and mobile applications
  • Increase conversion without attracting additional advertising budgets

Among the specialists working on the project there is project manager, UX specialist, interface designer, web analyst.

12+ years
of experience

A team of practicing UX specialists with experience in a variety of niches

When Is This Service

Low Conversion

If users do not perform targeted actions: for example, they do not add goods to the cart, do not place an order or service request, do not register on the website.

Incomprehensible Interface

If the website is difficult to navigate due to an illogical structure, inconvenient navigation and incomprehensible arrangement of blocks on its pages.

Unit Economics Don’t Converge

The cost of a lead or order from advertising (display, contextual, SEO, etc.) is too high, because the conversion is too low.

Unstructured Content

If users look through one or two pages without staying on the website for a long time and do not find the content important to you informative.

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Stages of Work

Web Analytics
Style of the Site

Introduction to the Project and Briefing

We find out the goals and objectives of the project. We specify the problems that need to be solved. This is a preparatory stage, without which it is impossible to develop an effective promotion strategy. We need answers to a few basic questions:

  • What are your goals and objectives for a UX agency?
  • What business areas (services or product categories) are your priorities?
  • What are your main KPIs and what tools do you use to track them?
  • What are the possibilities and restrictions on making changes to the site?
  • Who do you consider your main competitors?

We will also ask you about your previous UX experience (if any): what the main difficulties were, why the desired results were not achieved and what did not suit you in the approach of the previous contractor.

Web Analytics

You provide us with access to web analytics systems and we begin to study the statistics in detail. We also analyze the main competitors that are best ranked by target keywords. To formulate the requirements for the selection of focus groups for site testing, we consider:

  • gender and age of customers compared to the number of purchases they make;
  • device type and screen resolution to identify the least converting ones;
  • traffic channels;
  • entry pages, to identify the least converting ones.

As a result, you get:

  • Focus groups – segmented by gender/age, browsers used and screen resolutions.
  • A work plan – what work will be carried out, what specialists and at what stage will be involved.
  • Forecast of results. For a correct forecast, it is important to have access to web analytics data.

Studying the Style of the Website

We carefully study the style guide or brand book of the company and identify inconsistencies in the style in the current design. This allows you to immediately, at the UX audit stage, identify problems:

  • With CTA buttons. Figure out why users ignore call-to-action buttons and fix the problem.
  • Feedback forms. We figure out how intuitive it is to fill out the forms.
  • Images. We find the images that stand out from the consistent style in terms of design and compatibility with graphic labels accompanying goods or services.

Website Ergonomics Audit

We study the main pages of the website in desktop and mobile versions and identify the most critical problems that prevent users from performing targeted actions. Thanks to the elimination of errors in the structure and navigation of the website:

  • the number of bounces is reduced;
  • the time spent by the customers on the site increases;
  • the viewing depth increases.

By eliminating errors that are an obstacle to the completion of the target action:

  • conversion % increases;
  • average purchase amount increases;
  • the number of goods in one transaction increases;
  • the number of transactions increases.

UX Benchmarking

We study the specifics of your business and the consumer market segments that your products or services are aimed at. To do this we:

  • study competitors;
  • analyze the presentation of competitive advantages;
  • study communication channels;
  • develop individual parameters for assessing the effectiveness of the site: functional and content elements;
  • select tools to increase conversion.

Reporting and Implementation Control

Upon completion of work, you will receive:

  • a report in the form of a presentation with identified problems and proposed solutions;
  • a layout with problem areas;
  • recommendations for improving the site without a complete redesign;
  • a checklist in Excel to control the implementation of our recommendations.

Tariff Plans


A basic set of works:

  • Checking the website structure and navigation, technical condition and layout, website loading speed
  • Preparing recommendations on: style, correction of technical errors and usability of the website
  • Work period: 2 weeks
  • From 80 000 ₽


In addition to PRO:

  • Creation of page prototypes based on the results of a UX audit
  • UX benchmarking is a competitive analysis based on an individually formed list of requirements for the functionality and content of the website
  • Work period: 1 month
  • From 120 000 ₽


In addition to PREMIUM:

  • Increasing conversions and adjusting the sales funnel. Development of user behavior scenarios (preparation of Customer Journey Map)
  • Conducting A/B tests and verifying the implementation of recommendations
  • Work period: 1.5–3 months
  • From 200 000 ₽

Why iSEO?

In 2018, we became the best SEO agency in Russia
according to the authoritative AdIndex rating

Why iSEO?

In 2018, we became the best SEO agency in Russia
according to the authoritative AdIndex rating


Resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center

We are developing the iSEO Pro SaaS platform. We use big data and machine learning to automate SEO tasks


45 professionals
1,500+ projects

Come hell or high water, we guarantee first class service.


We take first places in the most authoritative ratings

In 2018, we became the best SEO agency in Russia according to AdIndex. In 2020, this achievement was confirmed.

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