Pedigree is a dog food brand owned by the MARS Corporation. The brand has existed for more than 80 years. In 1934 in England the canned food with meat trimmings unsuitable for human consumption was sold under the Pedigree brand. The product had been improved until it acquired the current guise.

Nowadays Pedigree is several kinds of food: there are lines for puppies, for adult animals of small, medium and large breeds, as well as for older pets over 8 years old. When developing feeds, the results of scientific research are taken into account – the manufacturer cooperates with the Waltham Research Center.

In addition to complete feed, the assortment includes delicacies: meat braids, cookies, biscuit bones and other treats for dog training, inducement at exhibitions, snacks during long walks.

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  • SEO
  • Pet supplies

Project Goals

Increase in the number of visits from organic search, as well as the number of branded keywords in the TOP-1

and Solutions

SEO Strategy is the business card site of the Pedigree brand. It provides the information about the company and products, recommendations for choosing feed. There is no opportunity to buy goods on the site, that’s why the promotion on commercial keywords is impossible.

We built the SEO strategy which could be divided into 3 principal directions:

  • Technical optimization. The goal is to put all the important pages of the site to the search engine indexes.
  • Working with branded keywords. The key task is to bring the site for all branded searches to Yandex and Google TOP-1 position.
  • Articles section development. The goal is to attract the additional informational traffic to the site.

Branded Keywords

We have developed a branded keyword list of 300 key phrases. Commercial keywords indicating the brand (for example, “buy pedigree food”) were not included in the keyword list and were not ranked in Yandex and Google TOP-1, because there was no way to purchase goods on the site.

The analysis showed that 85% of keywords were ranked in the Yandex TOP-10, and 92% in Google. To improve performance, we have developed recommendations for optimizing meta descriptions and interlinking between site pages.

Articles Section Development

The articles section of the site allows us to attract non-brand traffic. At the start of the project, there were about 100 articles on the site, but their content and design did not conform to the algorithms of search engines. We took over the revision of the current articles: we analyzed them with regard to SEO and made technical tasks for their optimization. Such work was in hand on a regular basis. We prepared the next chunk of technical specifications every month, and our client’s colleagues published articles in a comfortable mode: 5–6 articles per month.

Results Achieved

For 12 months of working with the project, we have managed to increase visits from organic search for non-branded queries by 27%, and visits from all organic searches by 9%.

We thank our client for the productive year of cooperation. Our teamwork was very effective thanks to the well-organized interaction of teams from both sides. The professional and practical approach of our colleagues to communication allowed us to complete all tasks and achieve good results.


more visits from organic search for non-brandeded keywords over 12 months


more visits from all organic searches over 12 months

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