Mothercare is a trading company specializing in products for pregnant women, new mothers, and their babies up to 10-year age. It was founded in 1961 in the UK. Today, Mothercare has more than 1,200 offline stores in 53 countries around the world. The first Mothercare store in Russia opened in 1994 in Moscow.

Mothercare is an expert in the field of motherhood and childhood. The awards given by English magazines Junior, Babe&pregnancy, Mother&Baby confirm it. Every year, the company receives awards and high marks from specialists and parents in the nominations “The best line of products for feeding”, “The best collection of clothes for children”, etc.

Start of work:
Country or region:
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Goods for kids

Project Goals

Growth of organic traffic from Yandex and Google search engines:

  • Growth of commercial traffic to category pages and product pages
  • Growth of informational traffic

and Solutions

Extension of the Site Structure

The main growing-point of commercial traffic is the number of landing pages and the level of their optimization. Maximizing the number of pages for all types of keywords allows us to attract a significant proportion of the target audience.

Depending on seasonality, we updated search keywords every month: we added new ones and removed ineffective ones. Over 3 years of cooperation, we developed a keywords list with 10,500 keywords, 5,000 of which ranked in the Google’s TOP-10, 2,000 in the Yandex’s TOP-10.

Attracting a “Cold” Audience

Informational keywords help to attract to the website an audience which is interested in products, but not ready to buy them yet. Over 3 years of cooperation, we have increased the amount of traffic to the blog section four-fold. More than 150 articles were written and posted.

But as traffic increased, conversion rate declined. Together, the colleagues from Mothercare and we, found the way to increase the number of orders from organic search and the conversion on blog pages.

Attracting Regional Clients

The Mothercare online store operated in many regions of Russia. According to Yandex data, the share of regional search demand was approximately 50%. And, according to, in 2020, the number of newborns and, accordingly, the number of parents increased in 70 regions. This was our target audience, and it was growing.

In 2021, in the regions of Russia, the Mothercare website ranked well for brand queries, but positions for commercial keywords were quite low. We suggested creating separate pages for regional stores, which allowed us to improve positions in the regions. We planned to optimize the section in the end of 2021.

Smart Filter Development

In addition to the catalog pages, some users ended up on the filter pages – mostly ones with low-frequency keywords. Additional pages were formed by crossing keywords for certain parameters, for example, “T-shirts for boys 5-year-old”, where “t-shirts for boys” is the main keyword and “5-year-old” is a filter parameter. The filter can generate more than 10,000 pages, the number depends on the range and variety of product characteristics.

Results Achieved

Not all our SEO recommendations were implemented, but over 3 years of cooperation, visits from organic search for non-brand keywords multiplied by 21, and from January 2020 to January 2021, the increase was 376%.

We achieved tremendous success thanks to the colleagues from Mothercare. Regular communication, productive weekly calls allowed us to quickly resolve emerging issues and achieve our goals.

21 times

more visits from organic search for non-branded keywords in 3 years


keywords in Yandex TOP-10 results


keywords in Google TOP-10 results

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