ADAMAS is a major Russian jewelry manufacturer with a wide distribution network all over the world.

The history of the company began in 1993 with the construction of a full cycle jewelry factory in Moscow. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, tracking market trends and observance of international quality standards, the company quickly became the leader of industry. Nowadays, ADAMAS products are high-demand not only in Russia, but also abroad. Products are exported to more than 20 countries of the world: the Great Britain, Turkey, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the CIS and the Baltic countries.

The partner network covers 3,000+ wholesalers and retailers. You can get acquainted with the assortment, find the nearest store, learn about loyalty programs and sales promotions on the official website of the company.

Start of work:
Country or region:
  • SEO
  • Jewelry

Project Goals

Organic traffic growth, as well as:

  • Growth of positions for targeted queries in the TOP-10
  • Sales growth

and Solutions

Technical Problems

As we said in the previous cases, the correct site technical settings are already half the battle. Settings let all important pages get into the index database of Yandex and Google, and without this action it’s almost impossible to bring out the site to the TOP. That’s why, as a rule, we start project interface with a technical audit – and ADAMAS is no exception.

As a result of a large-scale site check on 50+ technical indicators, critical issues were identified which prevented correct subscripting. Of these:

  • Full mirror site. The same content was indexed on two different domains, the main one and the test.
  • Partial mirror site on a subdomain. The directory was moved to a subdomain, and also it was duplicated inside the main domain.
  • Internal duplicates and the main page duplicates. More than 10 duplicates of the main page were found, and all of them were in the search index. In addition, redirects were not configured between the internal site pages with a slash and without it.

We have prepared detailed recommendations for problem solving. Over the whole period of working with the project, which lasted more than 3 years, we quarterly conducted technical audits and audits of webmaster services: Yandex.Webmaster and Google Search Console. This equated to control the site technical condition and quickly solve newly emerged problems.

New Site

During the working process our client had a business task to create an updated site version with a radically new structure. For our part, a Mind Map was created, which included a new structure, links between pages, titles and url-addresses.

In addition, we elaborated recommendations for creating human-readable URLs and branching site structure. We proposed to divide the catalog into subcategories with the selection of jewelry according to the important parameters for users: insert, metal + color, categories + insert, metal color + insert.

Widening Site Structure

Gaining a complete target audience reach, a commercial keyword list was elaborated for 4,000+ keywords. More than 80% of requests were not ranked in the TOP-10 of Yandex and Google. Creating new pages recommendations were elaborated, headings and descriptions were optimized, texts were written and placed in the catalog.

Results Achieved

For 3 years of work the number of visits from organic search has gone up 6 times. The main project goal – to increase traffic – was successfully completed. The site began ranking in the TOP for significant main keywords, as a result our client received an influx of customers from search results, and brand awareness has increased significantly among consumers.

Besides the SEO specialists’ participation in a new design development made the site the most convenient for users and optimized it with regard to search engines. We appreciate customer’s credibility to the experience of our team and thank for the productive cooperation.

6 times

more visits from organic search over 3 years

Client Testimonal

ADAMAS-Yuvelirtorg LLC expresses its gratitude to you, in iSEO we have found a reliable partner who can be trusted with the development and promotion of our website in the search.

SEO specialists find optimal solutions, while the work is built neatly, without sudden movements.

All changes on the website took place under the slogan “do no harm”, which optimally fits into our business concept for the development of the resource.

Dmitry Sizov
ADAMAS-Yuvelirtorg LLC

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