Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker is a leading manufacturer of ingredients and mixes for baked goods, desserts, decorations and frozen pizza. For over 120 years Dr. Oetker has been offering solutions for the catering, bakeries and manufactures on the international market. Nowadays its products are accessible in Russia.

The company is guided by the principle “Quality is the best recipe!” and guarantees its consumers a first-class level of products, excellent taste and cooking reliability.

A conscious attitude to quality finds the expression in all company’s fields of endeavor and is a determinal factor of Dr. Oetker success.

In order to ensure the high quality of the goods, the company Dr. Oetker has developed a strategy at the manufacturing sites which timely identifies all possible production, packaging and transportation oriented risks.

Start of work:
Country or region:
  • SEO
  • UX audit
  • Food

Project Goals

Organic traffic growth, as well as:

  • Growth of positions for high-volume keywords in the TOP-10 of Yandex and Google
  • UX and behavioral factors improvement

and Solutions

Catalog Extension and Its Content

Recipes are the most popular topics on the Internet, with over 50 million searches per month.

The site works on the principle of publishing recipes by the authors themselves, it is filled with new articles every month. The assortment allows to compete with large culinary resources.

To achieve the traffic goals, a strategy was defined:

1) Expanding the number of entry points and improving the site structure.

We developed a keyword list with a search volume of 3 million queries per month and found out that only 3% of keywords were ranked in the Yandex TOP-10 and 5% in the Google TOP-10. The creation of 69 new categories was recommended.

2) Catalog content updating for competitive growth.

The more relevant content on the pages, the higher the probability of ranking in the TOP-10. We conducted a competitive analysis and identified several advantages among topic leaders in Yandex and Google, the main of which are:

  • branched catalog structure;
  • rubricator on each page of the catalog;
  • content existence on the pages of high-volume categories.

Based on the audit, some recommendations were elaborated to improve the catalog page templates.

Loyalty Program Development and Gamification

A beautiful and convenient site is not enough for users to actively share their culinary experience. They need motivation:

  • material incentives – money or valuable gifts;
  • social rewards – rating systems and leaderboards which increase engagement;
  • holding of competitive tenders;
  • application of gamification.

For our part, some recommendations were elaborated to improve the motivation program, as well as the monthly competitions.

Results Achieved

For 5 months of work the number of visits from organic traffic has gone up 2 times compared with the previous year.

We thank Dr. Oetker for the productive cooperation with our team! We wish the company commercial success and looking forward to further cooperation.

2 times

more visits from organic traffic

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