L’Occitane sells French natural cosmetics for face, body and hair. In addition to care products, the company produces women’s and men’s perfumes, as well as home fragrances.

The brand was created in 1976 when its founder Olivier Bossan started distilling essential oils and selling them in Provence. Over almost half a century, L’Occitane has gained popularity all over the world and has become the embodiment of the concept of “art de vivre” — the art of living in pleasure and comfort.

The principles of creating cosmetics include care for the environment, protection of nature, respect for people. L’Occitane products are made with the latest scientific advances, rich in natural active ingredients and essential oils.

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  • SEO
  • Beauty
  • Health

Project Goals

Increase in organic traffic and increase in sales from the website

and Solutions

Keywords in the TOP-10, but Little Traffic

L’Occitane is a well-known cosmetics brand that attracts users’ interest: monthly demand reaches 150,000 requests.

The primary task of a branded website is to occupy positions in the TOP-1 of Yandex and Google for all branded keywords.

To analyze the position of the site in the search results, a branded keyword list was developed for general pages, categories and products. Both in Yandex and Google, more than 90% of keywords ranked in the first positions. For keywords that didn’t rank in the TOP-1, we developed recommendations for optimizing headings and adjusting text content.

However, when analyzing the correlation between positions and traffic for some keywords, we found out that CTRs were low. Deep analytics revealed problems with snippet optimization. To increase click-through rate, recommendations were prepared for optimizing titles and descriptions, and the Implementation of markup made it possible to display additional blocks in snippets.

Structural Expansion

Expanding the website structure is an opportunity to attract an additional target audience. L’Occitane has a wide range of flagship lines, such as “Facial Cleansing and Toning”. In this regard, the website can compete with the big players in Google.

On a regular basis, we updated our keyword list for all categories. More than 120 new pages were proposed for creation, for example:

  • “Face” category – 38 new pages,
  • “Body” category – 25 new pages,
  • “Hair” category – 19 new pages.

Troubleshooting Technical Issues

During the SEO audit, we found several serious errors that affected the ranking of the website:

  • the presence of three website mirrors,
  • a lot of internal page duplicates,
  • incorrect implementation of the XML sitemap,
  • duplicate page titles and descriptions.

We found out ways to fix all the identified issues. As a result, 90% of the errors were eliminated.

Results Achieved

While working on the project, we were not able to use all the points of growth: the client was actively involved in fixing technical problems, but the implementation of content recommendations was slow.

Despite this, even a small optimization was enough to get noticeable positive dynamics. As a result, search traffic grew by 15% over 6 months, the number of keywords in the Yandex TOP-10 increased by 25%, in Google – by 10% over a year’s time.


of visits from organic search over 6 months

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