The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a British manufacturer of cosmetics based on natural ingredients. One of the key principles of the company’s activities is the concept of ethics, which determines approaches to the manufacture of products: the refusal to test their products on animals, support for small farms, and measures to protect the environment.

The Body Shop cosmetics present in 66 countries of the world, it can be purchased in company stores or online. Under the brand The Body Shop, face, body and hair care products, decorative cosmetics, makeup brushes, cosmetic accessories and perfumes are produced. To date, over 150 vegan products have been created, and the company plans to become a fully vegan brand in the future.

Start of work:
Country or region:
  • SEO
  • Beauty

Project Goals

Growth of organic traffic from search engines:

  • Growth of commercial traffic to category and product pages
  • Growth of informational traffic to articles

and Solutions

Two Pillars of SEO Strategy

We have identified two main areas of work: the first is the optimization of the commercial section; the second is the development of the informational section with the links to commercial pages.

Commercial Pages

For the development of the commercial pages, we use a full range of promotion tools. We regularly update our keyword research for priority categories: the list of keywords includes more than 500 KWs already. In addition to updating the list, we are systematically optimizing meta tags.

However, some SEO methods are not available to us. For example, creating new pages – a common practice in working with online stores – is not applicable in this project. It’s all about the relatively small number of products on the site: creating pages for one product is inefficient, since the assortment plays a big role in ranking. Therefore, instead of creating new pages, we optimize the current ones: we place texts on product category pages, optimize the description, implement internal linking and tagging.

Informational Pages

To attract traffic for informational keywords, a blog section was created, which is regularly filled with new articles. The colleagues on the client side are engaged in writing texts, and we develop detailed technical specifications. The list of topics for publications is limited: the client’s priorities are the creation of content for the current assortment, and therefore the blog does not yet contain materials on general informational topics. Together with the client, we are improving the process in order to speed up the work on filling the blog and bring more traffic to the website.

Results Achieved

In 3 years, visits from organic search for non-branded keywords have increased 4 times. The most important indicator – the share of non-branded traffic – increased by 45%.

Perfectly built communication with the client’s team helps to successfully promote the website and systematically increase traffic: prompt resolution of issues, weekly phone calls, timely feedback. We would like to express our gratitude to our colleagues for their high professionalism and ability to engage in dialogue during the implementation of the project, and we look forward to continued cooperation in the future.

4 times

more visits from organic search for non-branded keywords


increase in the share of non-branded traffic

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