Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Dr. Pierre Ricaud is a women’s cosmetics French brand which has been producing innovative skincare products for 35 years.

The creation of products is based on scientific developments and the company’s own laboratory research. For example, in the production of dermocosmetics, the biorhythmology principles are applied – this science studies skin biorhythms. Dr. Pierre Ricaud scientists determine how the skin health changes according to combination of external and internal factors: the time of day, lifestyle, ecology, solar activity, drouth indoors. The results of these researches are turned into effective professional products, maximally adapted to the individual needs of the skin.

In addition to skincare products, the company produces decorative cosmetics, products for body, hair and nails, feminine and masculine perfumery. Dr. Pierre Ricaud online show case in Russia is the Ricaud online store, where you can get acquainted with the products, undergo express skin diagnostics and write up an order, delivery included to any region.

Start of work:
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  • SEO
  • Beauty
  • Copywriting

Project Goals

Non-branded organic traffic growth, branded keywords maximization in the TOP-3.

and Solutions

High Competition in Search

Dr. Pierre Ricaud online store is a mono-brand site with a small assortment. Due to a low-key selection of goods, it is difficult for the site to compete with multi-brand online hypermarkets, aggregators and services, especially in Yandex. In this regard, non-branded keywords promotion is almost impossible.

But for branded keywords, the situation is much better: at the beginning of work, 95% of keywords, containing the brand name or cosmetic line, were in the TOP-3. Our task was to maintain such high positions and increase such keywords in the TOP-1.

Head Office in France

The structural features of the client’s company did not allow us to expand the catalog and bring in technical recommendations. Any changes must be coordinated with the head office in France, and all site language versions must be identical. We work only with the Russian-language version of the online store, which significantly limited the possibilities for optimization.

Informational Section Development

To attract non-branded traffic, informative content should be placed on the site. We proposed to create a “Beauty Tips” section and regularly fill it with articles. Usually we involve our own copywriters to write items, but in this case we could not do this due to the content identity rule. Therefore, we decided to optimize the current articles, prepared on the client side, and publish them in Yandex.Dzen.

Results Achieved

Non-branded informational traffic growth was 175% in March-June 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

Traffic growth rates could be higher; work product was affected by restrictions on the recommendations implementation and content creation.

Nevertheless, despite the difficulties of implementation, we managed to achieve the project goals – due in no small part to the client assistance. We appreciate our colleagues for their proactive approach, flexibility, openness and assistance in search of out-of-the-box solutions.


of visits from informational traffic over 18 months


of branded keywords in the TOP-3

Client Testimonal

We express our gratitude to iSEO for the professional and high-quality work on the development and promotion of the site, high business standards, flexibility in resolving any issues.

The effective use of tools and the systematic approach of iSEO employees have led to an increase in the positions of our website in the search results of Yandex and Google.

We express our gratitude for the excellent work and recommend iSEO as a responsible and reliable partner in the field of search engine promotion.

Polina Shilova
Chief Digital Marketing Manager
Dr. Pierre Ricaud

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