Mary Kay

Mary Kay is a company engaged in manufacture and sale of cosmetics, personal care and skin care products, feminine and masculine perfumery. It is one of the largest direct selling companies in the world, both in the level of revenue and number of sales assistants:

  • 3.5 million beauty consultants all over the world
  • 3 billion US dollars per year – amount of business
  • 5,000 staffers

Core production is located in Dallas (Texas, USA). The second factory is in Hangzhou (China) – it manufactures and packages products for the Chinese market.
The company has been on the Russian market since 1993.

Start of work:
Country or region:
  • SEO
  • Beauty
  • Copywriting

Project Goals

  • Improving site indexing by search engines
  • Optimization of commercial and informational pages content
  • Growth of positions for branded and non-branded keywords

and Solutions

Difficulties With Technical Improvements

Mary Kay sites in different countries, including Russia, worked on a single global platform. In such cases, we study the limitations and capabilities of the platform to understand what we can and cannot work with. As a result, we don’t waste resources (both our own and the client’s) on meaningless recommendations that will never be implemented. For example, many indexing issues can usually be resolved by editing the robots.txt file. Usually fixing this text file is easy. But in the case of Mary Kay website, it was not easy. It took more than one month for colleagues from Texas.

In the end, all we could do on the site was editing the content of some existing pages and creating new pages of some types. Improvements which require the involvement of programmers have not been implemented.

Content Optimization

Work on content optimization was carried out in two directions:

  • Optimization of product pages. The page content consisted of several blocks. Some of the information was shown in pop-up windows or tabs. In addition to the description of the product, the page could include hints on its application, a description of the ingredients, information about how the product works, etc.
  • Working with the “Trends” section. This part of the site hosted the content that we used to attract informational traffic. For example, step-by-step makeup tips and tips from professional makeup artists, etc.

Results Achieved

When the possibilities of embedding changes to the site are very limited, it is extremely difficult to achieve a notable result. For the first year of work, the dynamics of visibility was as follows:

  • In Google the number of queries in the TOP-10 almost doubled (+83%).
  • In Yandex visibility increased not so substantial (by one third).

We thank our Mary Kay colleagues!


increase in number of keywords in Google TOP-10 results

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